shh_you_are_fucked: (Oh?)
shh_you_are_fucked ([personal profile] shh_you_are_fucked) wrote2012-01-01 05:29 pm

But of Course

Naturally I had to spill a drink over the laptop keyboard and voilĂ , today it doesn't work. At least, not in the desired way. Touch one key and five to six different letters all jumbled up pop up and if I push back space it is like pushing enter. Fantastic.

I don't have the energy to even be upset other than perhaps a deep melancholy due to the clunky keyboard I am now using. I much prefer my proper laptop keyboard to this one but I'm grateful I have it all the same.

Bright side I suppose is lack of a hangover, although I do feel the residual groggy, sluggish way often accompanied by it. Think I may make toast or something so I can get back to fully functioning.